Following the success of the 2017 festival, POW! WOW! Worcester is excited to partner with MassDevelopment  and Patronicity to bring more immersive cultural experiences to Worcester in 2018. With the full support of our community, more than 50 artists from across the globe travelled to Worcester in 2017, adding 42 murals and 11 installations to the growing POW! WOW! Worcester portfolio. We're excited to kick-off this year's fundraising campaign and continue giving the people of Central New England a sense of place and pride through public art. 

Thank you to all of our donors: 

Marsha Addis

Peter Bacchiocchi

Lisa Barthelson

Hal Bersani

David Bonacci

Mark Borenstein

Lydia Borenstein

Lora Brueck

Zac Cave

Julia Clark

Sarah Connell

Joseph Cullon

Chris Daley

Will Darling

Ross Dik

Martin Drexhage

Paul Drexhage

Lisa Drexhage

Kim Driscoll

Travis Duda

Peter Dunn

Luis Fraire

Sharon Freed

Sorana Gatej

Eamon Gillen

Brian Goslow

Amanda Gregoire

Casey Hickey

Carol Indelicato

Lillian Irwin

Erin Jansky

Jolene Jennings

Cathleen Jordan

Deborah Kaufman

Lydia Keene-Kendrick

Denis Kennedy

Samantha Klingman

Kellee Kosiorek

Kevin La

Katherine Lacasse

Bart Lasky

Loretta Laurenitis

Sonia Lindsey

kevin Lyons

Katie Mahoney

Bradley Momberger

Alex Mooradian

Joy Murrieta

Jenna Nastri

Brian Nelson

Alicia O'Connell

Jason Palitsch

Tom Quinn

Zoe Rasmussen

Christina Roberts

Jorge Santos

Darcy Schwartz

Sarah Shugrue

James & Denise Shulkin

Caitlin Sweeney

Kira Terrill

Liz Tripp

Morgan Vines

Hank VonHellion

Hailey Walker

Jessica Walsh

Patricia Webster